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There’s a new party on the island at Coast, and it’s so cool you can even go with your wife and kids!

There’s a new party on the island at Coast, and it’s so cool you can even go with your wife and kids!Everyone knows about the Full Moon parties. They’re a legend worldwide. But, not to put too fine a point on it, most parents would die at the thought of their teenage kids going over there for the night. And in many ways, that’s a shame. There’s nothing else like it for freedom, frolics and fun – except, sometimes, it’s the dangerous kind. But isn’t it a shame, though, that there’s nothing like it where grown-ups can let their hair down for a bit. Nothing where it’s oh-so safe for your kids to let rip. Except, now . . . there is.

Chaweng’s Centara Grand Beach Resort just has to be the very symbol of 5-star respectability. Centara is no stranger to Samui, being one of the longest-established resorts on the island. This is also the company which recently gave us Central Festival Samui.

And so it comes as no real surprise that this same group spent two years thinking about and planning a top-end-yet-affordable open-air restaurant-cum-modern beach club as a part of their Samui location. They set it all up and it worked better than they could ever have hoped.

And it’s now hugely popular, particularly with the island’s residents – and it takes something special for that to happen. Its name is ‘Coast’. And it’s now where everyone of any age on Samui can let it all hang out, regular as clockwork every month, at Samui’s very own Full Moon Party.

Of course, Coast has a lot more going for it than just this one monthly event – just take a look at their busy Facebook schedule to see what’s also going on (especially their superb Sunday Brunches). But a great deal of the appeal here is the very carefully thought-out layout. As you come in through its own entrance towards one side of the Centara estate, suddenly everything seems to expand. There’s a new party on the island at Coast, and it’s so cool you can even go with your wife and kids!What appears to be a wooden deck with a very nice canopied dining area expands outwards and into a whole nest of different levels.

The cool, clean, décor and styling is Mediterranean in feel, with lots of white stucco, scatter pillows, wooden decking, and steps up and down; very cool, comfy and laid-back. They’ve even dug out great chunks of land at the beachside of the resort, and then filled them with sand, somehow pulling the beach up and into this part of Coast, with big sand pits with humongous-cushions and rows of scooped womb-like daybeds. And there are also two separate air-conditioned dining rooms with walls of opening glass doors, if they’re required.

All these things in combination – the styling and the feel of the place – are just fabulous. It’s bright and airy in the daytime, and warm and mellow with night-time lighting. And that brings us back to the Full Moon parties again.

Guido Campigotto is the General Manager at Coast. “Our guests are our life blood,” he reflected. “But of equal importance are the people who live and work here. If you’re only with us for a week, then you’ll enjoy everything we have to offer. But with our residents we have to be more thoughtful. So not only have we made all our prices realistically affordable for everyone, but we are offering a very generous resident’s discount on top of that (in the form of a members’ program known as Coast Privilege Card).There’s a new party on the island at Coast, and it’s so cool you can even go with your wife and kids! And this was the thinking that led to our Full Moon parties.”

“Every month,” Guido continued, “all the young gap-year kids and backpackers look forward to the biggest party on earth over on Koh Pha-Ngan. They talk to all their friends about it. They make plans. They’re excited. It’s a huge happening. But there are hundreds of people living here with families and kids who love a good party but would never dream of crossing the water. And so we’ve created our own event.”

It’s generally themed as a ‘Full Moon White Party’ but, what the heck, anything goes. There are resident DJs kicking off at around 7:00 pm with lounge music, and every now and then visiting name-DJs from abroad. The pace kicks-up as the evening progresses, and there is body and face painting, fire dancers and jugglers, plus the universally-known Bata on percussion.

The evening includes welcome cocktails at 7:00 pm and a ‘Mediterranean Ritual Dinner’ which runs until 10:00 pm, and this coincides with a dancing show. The atmosphere is really up and bouncy, with everyone letting it all hang loose – plus little herds of happy teens doing their own cool thing in clusters here and there.

It’s terrific! It’s Coast at Centara. It’s every month. And it’s total Full Moon fun!


Rob De Wet


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