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Casual, beachside Samui style dining at Krua Chao Baan Restaurant.

Casual, beachside Samui style dining at Krua Chao Baan Restaurant.Krua Chao Baan restaurant has long been a local's favourite, in fact for the 19 years it has been open! This comfortably casual, Samui-family run restaurant is located right on Bang Ngam Jued Beach, in between Lamai and Hua Thanon, with spectacular views across a bay dotted with yachts and bordered by pristine silky sand.

The restaurant sits in three Thai style teak wooden houses with thatched roofs, rustic furniture and perfect sea breezes, all arranged around a central courtyard. But the best tables are beachside, where you can listen to the gentle lapping of the sea on the shore.

The Thai menu is big on local recipes, with ingredients particular to Samui. Dishes to look out for are; Hoy Jao Num Prik, small oysters prised from the rocks along the beach and served with seaweed and a spicy shrimp paste sauce. Hed Lup, a sea vegetable nicknamed ‘The Flower of the Sea’, cooked with a delicious yellow curry. Waii, is a long-tailed squid, it tastes fantastic with coconut cream and tamarind sauce, or fried with pineapple. The signature dish is Krua Chao Baan Omelet. It’s made with shrimp, squid, chicken and large mushrooms, and looks more like a cake than an omelette! It is very filling and very tasty. Pla Ping Hup is local Samui style barbeque fish with turmeric, and you might be adventurous or even curious enough to try the Hormok Talay, steamed crab eggs in curry sauce or the Shrimp Cake with Salted Egg Yolk.

Our beautiful island of Samui is a great place for all types of seafood including crab, lobster, king prawns, oysters and mussels as well as a large variety of fish. Order it steamed, fried, baked or barbequed with Thai herbs or lemon, plum, garlic or soy sauce. All the regular Thai favourites are also here;Casual, beachside Samui style dining at Krua Chao Baan Restaurant. Tom Yum spicy soup, red, green and yellow curries, chicken with cashew nuts and five different types of somtam. This green papaya salad comes with fresh crab, crispy fish, king mackerel, mixed seafood or chicken. So much choice! So, go local, arrive with friends and order lots of different dishes to share.

Before the tourists began to arrive, Samui’s main source of income was from the export of coconuts and their related products. Creamy coconut sauces and curries feature heavily in their cooking. At Krua Chao Baan, all coconut recipes are made authentically by hand from local fresh coconuts and using family recipes handed down over generations.

There are also plenty of western favourites. Soups, salads, burgers, pizza and pasta and a breakfast menu with all the usual offerings of toast, eggs, bacon and sausages. But you would be missing out if you didn’t try some of their very special Samuian dishes. Don’t worry, you can ask for different levels of spiciness, or even no spice at all!

Even the presentation food here is very Thai. Delicately carved vegetables accompany every dish, even the desserts. Choose the Mango and Sticky Rice, Banana Spring Roll or one of the many colourful ice cream sundaes with interesting names. So much choice to tempt you. Don’t worry, if you eat too much, just take a snooze on the beach and then go and work itCasual, beachside Samui style dining at Krua Chao Baan Restaurant. off with a paddle in their complimentary kayak.

Krua Chao Baan is open daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. It’s a real deal, authentic family-run Thai eatery, that has adapted itself to help tourists enjoy the delights of local delicacies. In fact, it’s so authentically Thai that it doesn’t yet have an English sign outside! If you don’t read Thai, you can recognise it from the very colourful Thai lettering outside on the wide frontage and parking area. Travelling from Lamai, continue past the Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks (Hin Ya, Hin Tai), and Rocky’s Resort, slow down when you see Chill Inn Beach Club, as you only have another 100 meters to your destination. If you get to Flamingo Bay Resort, you have gone too far.

Krua Chao Baan means ‘local Thai kitchen’. If you want to try the real Samui food, then this is one local secret that must be shared.


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