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Silavadee Pool Spa Resort celebrate their 10-year anniversary with an exquisite and very special menu.

Silavadee Pool Spa Resort celebrate their 10-year anniversary with an exquisite and very special menu.Silavadee in Lamai embraces a true ‘back to nature’ concept. The name itself means ‘beautiful rock’, and the resort is tucked tidily into a rocky hillside amongst lush tropical vegetation that runs all the way down to a dramatic beach, with huge rocks creating an awe-inspiring atmosphere. It’s the perfect backdrop for a sumptuous dining experience.

Silavadee will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, and the owner, general manager and new head chef have put their heads together to create a perfect celebratory menu. This is an extra-special western-style set-menu based on the resort owner’s love of lobster and Wagyu beef, and demonstrates the creative finesse and commitment of the new head chef.

Arrive at the resort around 6:00 pm to make the most of the evening. Take a buggy ride down to the Sun, Moon and Star dining areas, rise above Moon via the stairs, up to Star and let your enchanted evening begin. The sophisticated rooftop open-air bar and dining area offers you stunning and breath-taking views across the ocean. Indulge in a pre-dinner cocktail whilst taking in the whole vista of the Lamai coastline as the sun begins to sink. Watch as the early evening sky dramatically lights up into a rich fiesta of red, pink orange and gold. Gaze upwards as the stars begin to appear in the quickly darkening sky, and let the cooling breeze refresh you from the heat of the day. There are the numerous bar stools around the edges of the rooftop, or lie back on one of the circular daybeds. Preferably book ahead and make sure to reserve one of the four sunken tables surrounded by water.

At night, candles are lit, and are the only form of lighting apart from the stars and the moon. It’s an idyllic setting, and perfect for the new seven-course ‘Ocean and Earth’ menu. You really have a sense of being above everything else up here, and you get the service to match. Staff here are attentive but discreet, leaving you to enjoy the ambience of the venue and the fantastic flavours of the food, but not leaving you lacking in service. The personal attention and taste extravaganza will truly elevate your senses.

Ocean and Earth Menu
Amuse Bouche
A selection of bread and sauces designed to whet
your appetite
“LIVE” Canadian Lobster Sashimi
The tail meat is served raw on a bed of grated
carrot, turnip and radish over ice with soy sauce
and wasabi. The claw still contains the meat and
the chef will cook it for you any style if
Hot Hokkaido Scallop and Rock Lobster with
yellow mango salad
Served in a cantaloupe ring with rocket, mango,
cherry tomatoes and radish.
Mushroom Cappuccino Cream Soup
The freshest mushrooms delicately blended with
cream and the slightest hint of coffee, presented
with paprika and pumpkin and sweet pea puree.
Orange Sorbet
To refresh your palate.

Main course
Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steak Marble Score 9,
Grilled Sea Bass and Roasted Tiger Prawns
Cooked to your preference and served with a
choice of sauces; peppercorn, sour chilli with
lemon and spicy seafood sauce.

Tiramisu with Butterfly Pea Ice Cream
Save room for this amazing presentation served
with a chocolate cage and fruit. You will not be


Only the very freshest and best ingredients are used. The Canadian Lobster (also known as Boston Lobster, Maine Lobster, True Lobster or Northern Lobster) are known for their sweet flavour, tender meat, giant claws and hard shells. They are flown live to Samui. The Wagyu beef comes directly from Australia, and is of the highest grade, with a marble score of 9 (4 is average).wining - dining 3-02

If you have any special dietary needs, just let them know when making your reservation. The chef is more than happy to accommodate, and offer similar and appropriate suggestions. This extra-special celebratory dining experience is truly worth trying. The memories will stay with you long after the occasion. Opening hours for Star are from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm every day.

In the event of poor weather (or if you prefer), this special menu can be enjoyed in Moon, a fully air-conditioned dining area of beautiful teak wood, with a glass window running along the whole beachside length. Moon offers an all-day dining experience; an extensive breakfast buffet, lunchtime a la carte menu and romantic evening dining. Sample the variety of mouth-watering international and Mediterranean cuisine on offer. Opening hours for Moon are from 6.00 am until 11.00 pm.

Below Moon is Sun, centred on a specially built wooden deck over and around towering rocks emerging from the ocean. It’s another idyllic spot to indulge in delights from the first-class international menu. Every Saturday evening is barbecue night, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort celebrate their 10-year anniversary with an exquisite and very special menu.accompanied by spectacular musical performances from a talented Filipino duo. Opening times for Sun are from 7:00 pm until 10.30 pm.

Silavadee will be celebrating its ten-year anniversary with lots of activities, creating a real buzz around the resort. The surrounding beach has been used for the last 20 years by the same Hawksbill turtle to lay her eggs. Every two years, she lays from 60 to 100 eggs, which are now collected by specialist staff and transferred to a safe place for hatching. Only a small proportion of the eggs hatch, and they are returned to make their way to the sea from where their eggs were laid. This year will hopefully see at least 10 turtles returned to the sea in a planned event to commemorate the anniversary.

To find the resort, if coming from Chaweng, follow the ring-road towards Lamai and take the first turning on your left after the big modern glass IT Complex building. Follow the road and the resort is about 800 metres on your left.

Silavadee Pool and Spa Resort, where the Ocean and Earth meet, in more ways than one!


Karan Ladd


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